Polywood is a wood-like material that is made from recycled plastic, mainly from the food industry.

What is HDPE plastic?
HDPE plastic stands for High-Density Polyethylene, which is an extremely durable plastic.

Is POLYWOOD only coloured on the surface?

No, Polywood is dyed through. There is no surface layer that can come off.

Can POLYWOOD be painted?
No! It is not recommended.

What are screws and fittings made of? 

Stainless steel.

How is the furniture assembled? 

The furniture is delivered partially assembled. Assembly instructions and tools are included. Final assembly takes 5 to 30 min depending on the model. 

What does POLYWOOD weigh? 

Polywood is equivalent to wood products. The armchairs weigh approximately 20 kg.

Is POLYWOOD UV protected?

Yes! Polywood is manufactured with UV protection, so the material does not fade.

How is POLYWOOD cleaned?

For rougher cleaning, algae and mould washing is recommended.

Can POLYWOOD be cleaned with high-pressure washing? 

Regular cleaning is done by hand. If necessary, with high-pressure washing, but not with a higher pressure than 1.5 bar, which is the pressure for a normal car wash.

Does POLYWOOD withstand heat or cold?
Polywood can handle both high and low temperatures. However, you cannot place hot objects such as cooking pots, tea lights, oil lamps, and open flames on the material. Use pot mats or similar to prevent the material from deforming. 

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